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Becky Whetstone, Ph.D., LMFT: Becky Whetstone Ph.D., LMFT

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  • Initial Assessment

    Effective July 1, 2016, rates will increase for initial assessment, marriage counseling, support groups, and all counseling sessions. Clients who started prior to this date will continue at the previous price rates for the first six months of service. After six months have elapsed, rates will increase to the price rates that went into effect on July 1.
  • Counseling Sessions

  • Marriage Counseling

    • 4 Hour Mini Marathon Weekday Session $700
      Designed for couples, this intervention is perfect for those in crisis, and includes 210 minutes of therapy over 4 hours, plus one 15 minute break and one 10-minute break. (Note: One half deposit required to schedule, plus credit card on file. 72-hour cancellation notice required.)
    • Marital Marathon Weekday Session $1,300
      Simply the best -- for couples in crisis, those seeking a breakthrough, or even when feeling ambivalent and wanting clarity about whether or not to continue the relationship -- 330 minutes of therapy over 7 hours. (Note: One-half deposit required to schedule, plus credit card on file. 72-hour cancellation notice required).
    • New!!! Mini Marathon Friday! $700
      Because of demand, Fridays are now for mini marathons only!!!
  • Support Groups

  • One-hour consult $275
    Doctor Becky is relied on worldwide for her wise advice and consultations, and sometimes people want just that and not the traditional mental health counseling venue. Doctor Becky does this all the time, so whether it's about your personal life, family, career, stressful situations, future planning, decision making, she can help you sort through it all to have a better understanding or clarity.